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I apologize for waiting to tell you for so long that I am not human … I am made of bacon. Fairy tales
pixie dust I don’t feel
I hung myself and didnt die i am omnipotent I’m alive I’m not real I’m alive

You leave me careless I like it
I like it

Caught in the blast caught in the action caught in the bursting flame i stand there comfort in dying . comfort in burning I burn .

Maybe We can burn .

doubt I’ll ever be anyone’s baby
livin as a unicorn gets so lonely I have no answers.i have No questions stuck in your tandem . Heat that’s worth standing ..I like it

Caught up in the blast caught up in the action caught up in the bursting flame….

Maybe we should burn (4x)

I can feel the accidents happening slowy …falling for the rapture ever so boldly I will go willingly .. You don’t have to kidnap I like to be kidnapped . …you leave me careless .. I like it . . I liiike it

Maybe we should burn

…I doubt ill ever be anyone’s baby